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2019 Beyond The Photograph. The Garage Space, Glasgow.


2015 Policy. MeMoArt Gallery, Budapest.


2015 The RecipeBook. Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center – Project Room, Budapest.





2019 This is Not a Photograph. in Anatomy of Photography. Romer Flóris Museum, Győr.


2017 The Winter Garden Photograph. in New Members. Labor, Budapest.


2016 RecipeBook. in  Ongoing (Hi)Stories. Studio Gallery, Budapest.


2016. Eraserworks and Frameworks. in Whereabouts you are. Reid Gallery, Glasgow.


2016 Fragments in Pécsi 25. Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest.


2015 Typewriter test. in Open Exhibition. Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.


2015 Les Fleur de Mal. in Photo/Book. Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest.


2015 The Receipt Archive. in Process. Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest.


2015 This is me. in Unresolved Female Issues. Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros.


2014 Fragments. in Derkó/Pécsi. Kunsthalle, Budapest.


2014 Sings of Life. in Young Kertész & Young, Hungarians. Galerie STP, Greifswald.


2013 Puzzle. in Fotofestival Zingst - Visitor Hungary. Fotofestival Zingst, Zingst.


2013-2014 Sings of Life. in Young Kertész & Young, Hungarians. Long Room, Athens.


2012 My name is Eszter. in New Contemporaries. Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.


2009 My Father and I. in Sacred and Profane. San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco.


2009 Untitled Forms. in Displacement. Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco.

Curatorial work


Biró, E. and Barta, E. 2015. Photo/Book. Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest.


Biró, E. 2014. Invisible to See. Casati Art Corner Gallery, Budapest.

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