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Eszter Biró is an artist and researcher who gained her PhD at Glasgow School of Art.

Her doctoral research Beyond The Memory (2015-2019) focuses on storytelling on family photographs exploring methods of excavation of hidden and silenced painful pasts through archival strategies, material re-enactments and reactivation. Her projects Fragments (2013) and Recipebook (2015) investigate how private memory entangles with historical events;

asking how the diverse subjective voices could shift and change fixed historical narratives?


In 2020 won the Hungarian National Museum's inaugural Rosti Pál Photobook Award.

In 2018/19 recipient of Hungarian State Eötvös Scholarship (pre-doctoral research).

2013 - 2015 recipient of Pécsi József Photography Grant.

For further information on doctoral research: access to Virtual Archive or thesis,

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