Eraser Works, 2016 

In Eraser Works, I made a series of reenactments, to understand my ancestors' gesture of withholding family history; of intentionally erasing their past. Fortunately, they couldn't accomplish a complete erasure, and small

fragments of memory remain, that I try to make sense through my photographic practice. To translate such

gestures of a conspiracy of silence, of removing the past, I decided to visually translate their acts of erasure, by physically erasing their family photographs. Through such work, I gained significant insight into my family silence. űFirst of all, keeping silent is an on-going emotional and mental work; sharing is more instinctual to us.


Similarly, the material has resistance. I couldn't remove the deep blacks within the print; as much as the surface I

erased retained its presence through small rubber shreds.

As insufficient marks of memory fragments, they are part

of the full story; consequently, I decided to place them

back on the photographic surface. 

The images on kraft paper represent my maternal line, referencing the material use of RecipeBook.

The images on lustre paper represent my paternal line.

Furthermore, there is an order that creates a gradient of comprehensibility. 

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